Easing the Pain -- 11/18/00

Woke up early to find that the pain had subsided substantially. Got into my recliner position, a position that I know I'll be assuming for months to come, and started rapping on my computer.

I'm still so uncomfortable watching any basketball on TV, partly because I don't want to relive the painful experience and partly because I don't want to get the hoops-bug again.

Fox-Sports had this incredible worst spills of rollerblading that got my adrenaline going again. Watching that show blew my mind, wondering how these kids do what they do without getting *more* injured. It also brought home the realization that I'm not in that "youth" category anymore-I'm headed towards the wonderous stage called middle agedom.

Also watched a lot of MTV, with some awesome hard rock specials (100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock). My wife formerly disallowed me from listening to and watching what she termed "infernal music" in front of our child, but I've always had a strong penchant for it. Hey, now that I'll be home alone for a while, I can get back into my hard rock roots.

Of course, being idle like this will also allow me to feed my Internet addiction. I finally found out a bit more about Achilles the Myth and Achilles the Rupture. Better to understand the situation and deal with it head on.

For the time being, my alt.surfing newsgroup will be my only conduit to my surfing life. Have gotten a lot of good words of encouragement from it, but that can only take you so far. 

Ended up going to a birthday party for my daughter's friend. Getting there was not a problem. Just had to find a corner to park my butt. Of course, I got all the oohs and ahhs. Rather not deal with this, but it's inevitable, I guess.

To provide minimum strain on the ligament during the healing process, my foot was set in an extended position, making walking on crutches a little more difficult.  Because of this foot angle, bearing any weight on the cast while standing was next to impossible.

Gotta get used to the different lifestyle-it's here to stay.