Skate Envy -- 12/8/00

Surprisingly, I haven't really had a really intense urge to surf or bodyboard or even play basketball. Sure, whenever I see one of these sports on the tellie, I drool and wish I could participate. But I've pretty much accepted my temporary sidelining as one of those things that happens in life.

However, I attended my daughter's Christmas party for her dance team and boy was I depressed. It wasn't near the ocean or even at Chuck E. Cheese--no, this party was at the Ice Palace skating rink.

Way back in the disco era of the late 70's/early 80's, I was heavily into rollerskating. We used to hit the old Lihue Theater, which was turned into a converted roller rink. Man, I used to rule out there, jamming to Kool and the Gang and Chic.

I have ice skated a few times here and there, enough to be somewhat decent. The major bummer, however, was that I was going to pretend to be the skating Santa, passing out gifts to the girls. This, after being rollerblading Santa last year.

Oh, well. Maybe next winter I'll be able to ice skate. Until then, I can only dream about toe picks and death spirals.