Inspection -- 1/4/01

Day two with the permanent cast off gave me a bit more time to check out the finer details of my calf and foot. Interesting stuff.

As noted before, the scar healed with no major keeloid. However, feeling under the skin, I noticed a very prominent bump on the tendon itself. Apparently, as part of normal mending, there is a bit of overgrowth around the tear area. There's no pain there; not yet anyway. It's just a lump.

The foot itself is sort of squashed still, as if the cast turned my foot from wide to normal width. Also, it's still very swollen, with lots of blood apparently still going to the area.

The skin actually is peeling a little bit and gets itchy at times. However, this is minor.

My real concern, however, is in the sensitivity of the bottom of my foot. It seems as if the insides of my foot has been rearranged, and so putting pressure on it causes some serious discomfort. This, more than the tightness in the calf, is holding me back from bearing weight on my foot. Will continue to massage the bottom of my foot and slowly apply more and more pressure to get my foot "back to normal."

My body didn't pass inspection--gotta wait to get the safety check.