Relook -- 1/24/01

Three weeks after releasing my tender foot from its prison, I went back to my doctor for a recheck. I was looking for the instant green light to resume my life. It was not to be.

Like a Chinese princess who somehow got unbounded, for the past three weeks I took the opportunity to let my foot stretch and strengthen. I still wore the removable cast most of the time, but I'd be lying if I said I was still babying my foot.

Dr. Marumoto did his usual quick diagnosis, instructing me to attend physical therapy for four weeks (at least) and to come back in a month. He also told me I should wean off the crutches and use of the boot, a process that I had already begun.

One issue was that I was headed out for a working trip on Monday, so rather than wait to start my therapy, I decided to start immediately and learn some stretches and strengthening routines.

I immediately called the recommended therapist, a guy that goes by the nickname "Griff", and was stoked that he could take me that same day. And so it finally begins.