Hawaiian Plate - 1/26/01

Second session of rehab. An intern from Wisconsin was leaving, so the therapy office had decided to have a potluck lunch for her, with all patients invited.

Did my usual stretching and strengthening routines with relative ease. Added a push-down routine on a machine-weight bar and an inclined press with my back resting on a sliding track.

As usual, I want to be overzealous in my stretching and strength routines, but Griff told me to take it easy.

After my session, the office closed down for the luncheon. I make special mention of this because it was a great opportunity to meet the people working in the office and the other patients.

Most of the guys there had arthroscopic surgery for one knee ailment or another. It was nice to realize that a *lot* of other people were going through the same sort of "ordeal" so to speak, and that we could support each other.

One guy named John was a pretty hardcore surfer. He was ahead of me by a month, but still had a couple more to go before he got wet. But as ardent a surfer he was (or maybe because of it), he was going to wait until he was fully recovered before resuming aquatic endeavors. I wish I was as patient.

Anyway, we all ate lots of Hawaiian food, terrible for health, but great on the palate.

Of course, I had to go back to work. But at least I had a warm, comfortable feeling in my stomach, and a warm comfortable feeling about the therapists and other patients too.