Rehab 3 - 2/2/01

I flew in the night before from my work trip to San Diego. Since I had to wean myself off the crutches and the brace, I decided to just leave them behind, and instead just bringing my rubber band and leg weights.

As expected, it wasn't a big deal--my foot had gained enough strength to handle walking for any decent length.

The airplane trips were a little trying. Seemed like my foot got swollen. Also, I tended to put my leg up on the front seat, unintentionally stretching the heel a bit much.  Auwe!  For the most part, I did all right though, exercising at least a little bit on the trip.

The day after I got back (and before rehab), I had to work at my daughter's school carnival, then took my daughter around afterwards. The leg didn't hurt that much-it's just the standing around that made my body ache anyway.

Went in to rehab a bit tired, but stoked to start it up again.  Didn't seem to lose flexibility or strength--thank goodness!  In fact, getting some basic info before the trip gave me the confidence to strengthen my condition even while away.  Stoked!