My Routine - 2/14/01

Just for the record, here's my standard rehab therapy routine whenever I go in. Of course, it is constantly being modified, with more reps, heavier weights and different exercises.

Stationary Bicycle/Stair Climber
Seated Knee Extensions
Seated Hamstring Curls
Leg Press
Four-Way Straight Leg Raises (Cable Pull)
Opposite Leg Step Down with Cable Pull
Dead Lift Cable Pull
Thera-Band Ankle Stretches
Heel Raises on Inclined Sliding Board
BAPS Board Agility Moves and Ball Toss
"Manual" Isokinetic Machine

The neatest one is the BAPS board. It very vaguely resembles a surfing Indo Board. The first time I tried it, I thought that it was a silly exercise, but I can now see how important it is for balance and building lateral ankle strength. Just like a surfboard, its all a matter of finding that sweet spot for your foot, and then it all becomes easier.

The "manual" isokinetic machine is an inside joke between Griff and I. Exercise machine manufacturers do sell an isokinetc machine, but Griff doesn't have the space for it right now, and it is quite expensive. So instead, he holds onto my foot and makes me push and pull, twist and turn, with him applying opposing forces. Gives him as much a workout as it gives me!  My personal non-favorite.