Back to Therapy - 2/26/01

Although my leg ached after my first surf session, it felt strong a few days later, right in time for therapy.

It has been such a good experience going to therapy. For one thing, it has provided me a regimen that I am forced to make time for. But the other reason is that therapy is actually like one big support group where lots of injured guys can take comfort that we are not going at it alone.

Griff, my physical therapist (Rehab Therapy Partners), is a really cool guy with a hearty laugh. He's very supportive and always willing to put in extra time for my sessions.

Nicole is his assistant who usually takes care of me. She's always concerned about whether I'm experiencing any pain and asks if I can handle more. Nicole is the one who cracks the whip--nah! She watches my workout like a hawk making sure I'm using the right technique and that it's not too hard or easy to do.

Jana is the receptionist who sets up my appointments. She has been very patient with me because I continually come late to sessions and reschedule appointments (not my fault--honest!). Sometimes she "reprimands" me for coming late, but only joking kine.

Erin and Mary are some other therapists who work with Griff, and they are super supportive and friendly, always giving a smile.

Even the patients are good. After a while, I've been able to recognize all the regular ones, and am familiar with their ailments. The vast majority are knee injuries, but there are carpal tunnel syndromes, hip replacements and shoulder ailments. I'm the only "lucky one" with an achilles injury at the moment.

It's like a little extended family there, and I think that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a speedy recovery.