Mixed Plate
The Fun Gun -- Makani#100 (1/05)
Voluminous, just for me

Wanted a board for big, wide open Laniakea. Makani once again shaped this for me, board #100. When ordering the board, I did not even consider how the volume would affect duck-diving. Next time, I'll order something smaller. Never got a chance to ride it in size this winter.

These are the specifications:

Length: 7'6 "
Nose: 11.5"
Width: 19.5"
Tail: 13"
Thickness: 2.75"
Glass: 6/4 oz deck, 6 oz bottom
Shape: Voluminous on purpose to float my mass
Bottom: Single to dual concave tail
Fin configuration: Standard FCS thruster setup

Rear view

The underbelly