Mixed Plate
The Makani Board (5/2/03)
My new ride

Just got a new longboard. My friend Makani shaped this for me. It's only his seventh board, but it looks cherry--must be the pedigree (his father is master shaper Kenny Tilton).

These are the specifications:

Length: 9'0"
Nose: 17.5"
Width: 21.75"
Tail: 13.5"
Thickness: 2.5"
Shape: 50/50 (Progressive/Traditional), beveled rail on nose
Bottom: Scooped out nose, twin concave tail
Glass: 6/4 on the deck, 6 on the bottom
Fin configuration: "2-plus-1" (FCS side fins and box center w/11.75" Haw'n Fin Designs)


The nose

The tail

The inscription