Mixed Plate
Memorabilia -- 7/17/02

What is precious to you?

Doodle of a wave (circa 1983)
This cardboard box transported my bodyboards with me a total of 50,000 miles! (1994)
My pic was published in Eastern Surf Mag via Peter Pan on a trip I had to the Right Coast (1993).
This laminated folder (front and back) was a variant of the old taped folders (circa 1980)
Deja Vu ad -- I used to work for them on Kauai and actually had my picture in one of their ads (1996)
This UK story about the Surf to Save contest was published when I went to Cornwall (1992)
Surfing movie handbills. I used to collect handbills from surf movies and found my old stash. I saw most of them. Follow the Sun, Follow the Sun Part II, Amazing Surf Stories, Crystal Eyes, Full Blast, Ocean Fever, Wet Lips, Surfers the Movie.