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Mike Stewart Pipeline Pro -- The Contest

One (more) Shining Moment for Andre

Being the last event of the GOB world tour, it was the culmination of a year of world travel and competition for the touring pros. Contestants worldwide converged to this hallowed ground to do battle for points, dollars and respect.

Unfortunately, the surf for the event never got epic. The third day saw some eight footers (Haw'n), but by the time the final day rolled along (1/10/00), there were only two-to-four foot waves, with an occasional larger set. Rain and a bit of wind threatened the contest early on, but in the end decent conditions prevailed.

The contest featured some new divisions, including dropknee and most radical air, intending to showcase the diverse and extreme nature of the sport. Here's a run-down of the winners:

1. Andre Botha (RSA) (also overall tour champion)
2. Ruben "Babby" Quinones (PR)
3. Lanson Ronquilio (HAW)
4. Nicholas Capdeville (FRA)

1. Karla Costa-Taylor (BRA) (also overall tour champion)
2. Neymara Carvalho (BRA)
3. Soraia Rocha (BRA)
4. Claudia Santos (BRA)

Ben Holland (AUS)

Most Radical Air
Ben Player (AUS)

1st -- Andre, busting his ARS

2nd -- Babby, looking for some shade

3rd -- Ronk, driving hard

4th -- Nick, one with the lip

Most Radical Air -- Ben Player

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