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Details Comic -- Pray for Surf

details, details, details

Whenever I travel, I usually grab one of may favorite magazines--Details. It's a slightly liberal, seemingly East Coast-oriented men's fashion/lifestyle mag. (Too bad Anka Radakovich is gone.)

Anyway, while flipping through the latest ish (May 98 w/ Jordan on the cover, I found this comic strip about cartoonist Ben Katchor, and his futile attempt at covering this past winter's Pipe Masters.

Some of his observations were actually quite insightful, including: Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor (and Waikiki), the UNremarkable Ehukai Beach Park, the usage of the word "donuts", the sportswear company director's attitude, how some surfers view sex vs. waves ("If she opened her legs and I saw a set of cherry waves coming, I'd take the waves--they won't be back again later, but she might be"), and a typical day at a surfing contest site ("Cancelled!").

From some of the caricatures, it looks like he talked to some North Shore notables including: D.B. Dunlap, Liam McNamara and Randy Rarick. Cracked me up!

However, there are some things that are totally wrong. For instance, all the people have physiques of skinny sumo wrestlers (even Kelly Slater!). The lifeguard tower is on the wrong side of Ehukai (nitpicky, eh?). And there are no bodyboarders to be seen--I think that they (we) outnumber surfers, especially on marginal days.

Mr. Katchor really missed an epic contest. When it finally got underway, the surf was awesome, and the contest storyline intriguing. Local bad boy Johnny-Boy Gomes beat world champ Kelly Slater twice during the event and went on to win the contest over the ageless Michael Ho. For some great stories and images of the contest, check out the May 98 ish of Surfer magazine.

Still, it was nice seeing some recognition of the pro surfing industry in more "mainstream" rags. Next year, I think they should assign the story to me--at least I can draw better waves.

Aloha from Paradise,