Mixed Plate
Surf Stuff

Hey You Haole North Shore Surfers, Tired of getting hassled by the locals cause you look like a mainlander? Tired of getting your rental car busted into? Then you need the all new "I'm a Local Too" kit, from Z-tel products. This kit allows you to drive up to a surf area and look like a local. Our new North Shore kit includes everything you need for a hassle free surf anywhere on the north shore, guaranteed*.

Included in the kit is a razor blade to scrape the rental car sticker off your windshield, a "Keep the Country Country" bumper sticker to place over the rental car sticker on the bumper, a "Kahuku High Class of 1985" licenses plate frame, a can of "Inst-o-Rust" spray on rust for the car running board, and an old "Goat Island" T-shirt from TT's surf shop in Laie.

You get all this for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling. And watch for our new Oxnard and Trestles kits coming out this fall.

* except at Velzyland

Submitted to HI Surf Advisory by my "haole" friend Danny Z. Clark of Central Cal.