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Tom Boyle--Bodyboarding's Video Pioneer (10/05)

Tom with legendary photographer Flame (2005)

In the formative years of bodyboarding (late 70s/early 80s), Tom Boyle was pretty much the only person capturing the burgeoning sport/lifestyle. A champion rider in his own right, Boyle became one of the senior photographers and editors for BodyBoarding magazine, documenting this new pursuit with exciting images and stories.

Not content with just the print media, Boyle took the next logical step and started shooting and producing bodyboarding videos. These videos, created under his Eye Spy Productions company, were the gold standard benchmark of its time, of which all other bodyboarding video producers aspired to. He used professional video equipment, high quality editing, and of course had excellent footage of (mostly) Hawaiian waves and riders.

Through the years, Tom Boyle has put out 15 bodyboarding videos, most distributed internationally. The first 11 were all part of the Bodyboarders Video Magazine series. Hopefully, Tom will soon re-release them in DVD.

  1. The Tribal Trials (1988)
  2. Winter on the Rock (1989)
  3. The Indonesian Experience: Jade Mornings, Emerald Afternoons (1990)
  4. Killer Days (1991)
  5. Shock Island Down Under (1992)
  6. Mutant Slabs and Monster Barrels (1992)
  7. There Are No Rules (1994)
  8. The Ultimate Wave Riding Vehicle: For Waves That Don't Want to be Ridden (1994)
  9. Violent Grace (1995)
  10. Core (1996)
  11. Cereal Killers (1997)
  12. Girl Jam (1998)
  13. The List (1999)
  14. Recon (Produced with Chris Taloa Won & John DeTemple, 1999)
  15. 20 Minute Amps (2000)

Other notable projects created/supported by Tom Boyle: Style=Shred+Soul surfing video (1993), Bu La'ia, Hawaiian Supaman TV show (1993-1995), Launch commercial TV show for bodyboarding (1995-1998); Bikini Hawaii: Island Girl Spectacular (1997).