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Guam is Good -- 5/96

Located on the southern end of the Marianas archipelago, Guam is exposed to the many typhoons that cross the western Pacific. Most of the good surf breaks on the outer reefs. However, there are a few places that I tried, that have fairly easy access.

The author at Right Side
Boat Basin. Two breaks on either side of Agana Harbor. Right Side features a cute right tube that throws over a flat reef. It truly was one of the best small tubes that I've ever surfed. The local crew were mostly kid-bodyboarders. Left Side never broke that well when I was there, but it looks like it can hold a bigger swell, and gets its share of comparisons to Hawaii's Banzai Pipeline. Check out a picture of Left Side on the website.

It was only two feet... could you imagin it at ten?
Magundas. Located southwest of Agana, near the power plant, Magundas is at the end of a very long breakwater. It's a popular diving area, but the amount of surfmobiles can compete for the limited parking. It wasn't breaking too well when I was there, but the potential for good surf was obvious.

About Guam. Guam is a territory of the United States--no passport is necessary, but I would bring one just in case. Electric power brownouts was quite regular due to a huge increase in usage. Tumon Bay is like a little Waikiki. There are lots of surf shops, more like boutique stores. The diving is absolutely incredible--bring your mask/snorkel/fins. The best chance to score swell is during hurricane season between June and December.

Thanks to Norman Taruc of Guam who helped me out while I was out there.

Hafai Adai! (Chamorro word similar to Aloha)