Freeze Frame (Photos)


Here's a few Hawaiian surfers before they got famous. Web space generously provided by Albert Yamane at Kauai Internet.

Andy Irons, Tracks, 1992. Only 14 years old at the time, Andy was already looking to dominate the future of competitive Hawaiian surfing. Very classy style with a distinctively "cocked" trailing arm.

Myles Padaca, Honoli'i, 1989. This scrawny Big Island kid turned into one of the North Shore's hardest chargers.

Aka Lyman, Pipe Littles, 1990. One of the best dropknee bodyboarder I've ever seen, Aka has been so good for so long, he sometimes seems nonchalant. Just an incredible talent and a good-natured guy.

Kalani Robb, Full Point, Sandy Beach, 1991. Kalani was the child prodigy who's pro future was lucidly clear. Surprisingly, I don't have a good picture of him. This shot is of Derek Ho during an amateur contest. He dropped in on Kalani (red arrow) during a heat, on one of the largest east swells of that year. Kalani's dad was pissed!

Malia Jones, Tracks, 1992. Another person I never got a good shot of. This is Malia paddling out into "victory at sea" conditions for her final.

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