Pipeline Masters 05, Round 2 -- 12/16/05

Another great day from the Pipe Masters

Date: December 16, 2005
Time: 0900--1100
Spot(s): Banzai Pipeline
Conditions: Light offshores and gorgeous
Swell: Another solid wnw (buoy #1: 10', 17 sec)
Surf: 6-8' Haw'n

Raced out to try and once again join the pro photogs in the lineup. This time, I was told I couldn't go out. What happened was that Slater was in the first heat of the 2nd round, so everyone wanted to go out to shoot. Randy Rarick told me I couldn't go out until others came in, so I waited "patiently" for my opportunity. Had to wait for over an hour before finally begging and being allowed to go in.

The land shots were taken through the water housing of the S80 while I was squirmed on the beach. Used both cameras in the lineup. Had a bit of frustration with dying batteries, so I was switching between the two. Eventually, the sw winds started kicking in, but not before capturing a few sweet moments.

Taken with the Sony DSC-U6



Taken with the Canon S80




Aloha from Paradise,