Freeze Frame (Photos)

Surf Auction 2003 -- 7/19/03

On July 19, 2003, surf promoter Randy Rarick once again put on the Hawaiian Island Vintage Surf Auction at the Neal Blaisdell Center. Whereas the 2001 event focused on older boards, this year's event focused on more recent items. I was fortunate enough to catch some of the auction action that evening.

A beautiful '64 Hobie Brewer fetched $11,100, and a 1950 Woodie Brown balsa sold for $11,800. Surf memorabilia and collectibles are obviously still hot!

The Show.  The vintage surfboard auction returned to the Blaisdell.
Bellyboards.  There were some interesting semi-modern designs.
Gerry's red board.  I remember this photo of Jackie Dunn at Pipeline on this red board. The board was restored to pristine condition. I overheard the owner talking about how he loaned it to Jackie for that famous shot and how the board eventually just got stored away and forgotten. This one went for $7,500!
Paipos.  I've seen many of these same designs at Point Panic and Makapuu. Truly a dying breed.
Old bellyboards and paipos.  These are some classic shapes.
Sticks.  This is the standard, zoomed-back shot of much of the boards on display. Pretty.
Boards from the 70's.  Unlike the previous show, the emphasis was on younger boards.
Jose Angel Tribute. A corner of the exhibit was dedicated posthumously to big wave rider Jose Angel.
The Auction.  It was pretty happening with lots of energy.
Randy Rarick and Joe Teipel.  Randy provided color commentary and Joe was the auctioneer. A powerful one-two punch.
Randy.  This guy truly knows his stuff. Had a story or choice words for every piece auctioned.
Nat and John.  The auction brought out a slew of legends. This is Nat Young and (I believe) John Kelly.
Noll and Kaio.  Greg Noll gives fellow big-wave surfer Kealoha Kaio a goodbye hug.
Aipa.  Ben winces as one of his old boards (different owner) is put on the auction block. Ben later auctioned off his Duke trophy for $1700.

Aloha from Paradise,