Wind Gauge -- 1/4/04

Funky winds, fun waves (round 2)

Date: January 4, 2004
Time: 0630 -- 0800, 0930-1030
Spot(s): Pipeline/Backdoor and Pipe/Backdoor
Conditions: Onshore northwest winds; medium crowd
Swell: NW trying hard
Surf: Inconsistent 3-4' Haw'n

Words: Besides the Internet weather websites, I have certain gauges to check wind conditions. The smoke coming out of the Waiau electric plant is a great indicator, along with the coconut trees along the coastline. On this morning, I knew the forecast was for the winds to turn to the northwest--bad for the Country. But I hoped that it would stay light or better yet, calm.

Driving past the power plant, I noticed that the smoke went straight up. Good! However, when I got to the North Shore, the trees were doing the hula dance in the breeze. Not so good.

Dawned it at Pipe anyway on the bodyboard. The wind caused the waves to be onshore, but it was still pretty fun. At least the crowd was fairly light. Nothing spectacular, but I had a few fun ones.

Headed in to meet yet another alt.surfer. TD was back in town, video camera and all. Buddy and me and Tom decided to check out Mokes in hopes that the northwest winds wouldn't be so bad out there.

Unfortunately, the spots that we checked were either crowded, or just not quite working well. It was so marginal in fact that Buddy decided to shine the session. Precious water time was ticking away for me, and so I decided to go back to Pipe. Tom decided to take it easy. So we all went our separate ways.

Hooked up with a few friends in the Pipe lineup. My second session out was not so good since the crowd was on it (I'm just plain lousy at jockeying). Still, it was way better than not getting wet.

Bummed that I didn't surf with Tom, but I think we'll have more opportunities to surf together in the future.

Aloha from Paradise,