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alt.surfing Newsgroup Page

I've been an active participant in the alt.surfing and the alt.surfing.bodyboard newsgroups on Usenet. If you don't have access, check it out with Dejanews.

Here are some interesting links from alt.surfing and related websites:

 All my original session posts are archived under my Express Sesh directory.
 Ric Harwood's alt.surfing FAQ
 Scripps' Learning to Surf FAQ
 Tim Maddux's How to Surf FAQ
 Ric Harwood's Best of alt.surfing
 The Sandman--An angry, hardcore surfer from Washington State fighting the system
 The Sandman's alt.surfing Flame Form :-)
 alt.surfing crew's web pages: Gioni Pasquinelli's list and Cam's list.
 Interesting related papers from Scripps
 The Fang Archives--The one, the only... Archived by Tim Maddux
 Favorite Personal alt.surfing Posts/Replies (non-session)
 World Surf Day 1997 and my contribution
 World Surf Day 1998 and my contribution