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Todd Chesser, Dino Andino, Todd Mitsui, Makaha, circa 1991. Anxiety while waiting for the final results.

Barton Lynch, Pipeline, 1989. Barton was elated, winning the Billabong Pro, and the ASP World Championship in A+ conditions at the Pipe. Rabbit Bartholomew is the interviewer.

Hauoli Reeves, Pipeline, 1989. Walking in front of the gallery, waiting for a contest to end so he can jump in. Classic Hauoli.

Mike, Peter Pan, sponge and Jeff, Second Beach, Rhode Island, 1993. Peter Pan, the most controversial character from the Right Coast. I was fortunate enough to enter one of his contests. Talk about stoked--this guy was hardcore. The contest was a classic--all the trophies were used. I wish I got the gymnastics trophy...

Da boys, town, circa 1992. At the premiere of Tom Boyles new movie, Mutant Slabs and Monster Barrels, I got a candid of some of the hottest up-and-coming bodyboarders. I'm proud (and embarrassed) to call these clowns my friends: Stan Moniz, Alex Kinimaka, John-Kelly Hanoa, A.J. Arecchi, Fred Booth and Ivan Okuda.
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