Mixed Plate
Mike Stewart Pipeline Pro -- 1/10/00, Intro

Who is the new corporate sponsor for the contest?
Stewie! (launching in the air contest)

This story actually began 18 years ago. Morey Boogie Bodyboards ran its first contest at the famed Banzai Pipeline, giving the sport a bit of legitimacy in the surfing world. A young kid from the Big Island named Mike Stewart entered and came in a respectable third.

Flash forward to November 1999. After years of providing title sponsorship, Morey Bodyboards does the unthinkable and pulls their support just months prior to the event. Chaos in the competitive bodyboarding world ensues as the most coveted and anticipated event of the year is in serious jeopardy.

Enter once again Mike Stewart. The most successful competitor the sport has ever seen, Mike literally made a name for himself at the Pipeline, winning the event an unprecedented 11 times. However, he has recently been slowly transitioning (kicking and screaming against his will) over to the retail/promotional side of the biz.

It was only fitting that the man whose success at the Pipeline was pivotal in molding his career would be the very person to save the event. Mike ante'd up the sponsorship and support for the event, and for the first time in its history, wasn’t competing in it.

This was no small sacrifice. Mike literally had been training all year for the contest, because he believes that events in "waves of consequence" will take bodyboarding to the next level. But his dedication to the sport has superseded his desire for personal competitive success.

A new era in pro bodyboarding has begun.

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